SAGACITY Journal of Theology and Christian Education 2022-06-28T02:24:38+00:00 SAGACITY Open Journal Systems <p>SAGACITY Journal of Theology is published by Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Jemaat Kristus Indonesia and Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Sangkakala Salatiga with E-ISSN 2746-8550 The purpose of this publishing is to exhibite the academical research publications from students and lecturers in the field of theology and Christian Education.</p> <p>SAGACITY receive research writing from varied fields of Christian Theology and Christian Education in practices such as Christian philosophy, humanism, missiology, local wisdom, indigenous Christian education and applied theology. The articles that submitted are the new articles that has never been published in any other journals. The articles should follow the format and template that has been decided by STT Sangkakala and STT Jemat Kristus Indonesia. The editors have rights to refuse articles that inappropriate with the conditions and terms agreed. The writing that suitable and accepted, will be reviewed by the reviewers before it published.</p> <p><strong>Why SAGACITY?</strong></p> <p><em>Sagacity</em> is the capacity for <em>astute </em>or <em>sound judgment</em>. Because the adjective <em>practical</em> is often used to qualify <em>wisdom</em>, it is easily assumed that thinking and good judgment are different, even antithetical in relation to wisdom. Yet this assumption would scuttle the <em>wisdom</em> of <em>astute </em>or<em> sound judgment</em> within life. Sagacity is possible because we can think. Thinking is the impetus to engage human existence with honest intelligence as a fulcrum by which we undertake numerous activities with creativity, purpose and integrity. Without such leverage, we could only make arbitrary decisions based on momentary impulses and reactions; our activities, as to whether these are worthwhile or have enduring outcomes, would be uncertain or capricious. Sagacity is astute engagement with human existence that can both test ideas through purposeful activity and modify previous propensities through thoughtful reflection.</p> <p>Sagacity is genuinely philosophical in seeking to be wise in engaging issues that affect life daily, within shared perceptions and difficult differences as to variegated views reflecting human aspirations and valuations. If Christian faith, education and praxis are to speak into human experience concerning integral life, it is imperative to become familiar with how human aspirations and valuations relating to freedom, ethics, identity and society have been formed, weighed, interpreted and expressed, even though these activities vary between cultures and invariably change from one generation to another. Philosophy is literally <em>love of wisdom</em> and so also love of sagacity. Sagacity is most relevant to and contiguous with positive Christian presence and expression amid human wrestling in contextual and practical ways with perennial ambiguities of existence.</p> <p>SAGACITY is published twice in a year, on June and December. This Journal is indexed by:</p> <ol> <li>Google Scholar</li> </ol> Jesus and Higher Order Thinking Jesus as a Great Communicator and Educator 2022-05-20T01:27:39+00:00 Daniel Trihandarkha <p>It has been analyzed with variety sets of scrutiny that Jesus’ way of communicating his message to people were effective and impactful form of communication. Those who engage with Jesus from variety background, from the beggars to the aristocrats showed how thoughtful Jesus had formulated his wording beforehand. Thus, some were challenged, encouraged, and even confronted. The communication in the perspective of <em>Higher Order Thinking </em>demands the listener to engage, self-examine and then decide of what to do. Jesus’ communication styles, in the from parables, sermons, exhortations, reprimands, and confrontations left no room for indifference attitude.</p> 2022-06-06T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 SAGACITY Journal of Theology and Christian Education PEMBERDAYAAN EKONOMI JEMAAT DI TENGAH PANDEMI COVID 19 2022-06-27T04:39:51+00:00 Matuntu Elfie Yusup Rogo Yuono Agung Dian Rengganis Yeriyusu Laoli <p><em>The church is an institution with a position as an organization as well as an</em><br><em>organism. The church as an organism needs to think about the survival of its</em><br><em>individuals. The church has the responsibility to realize the Kingdom of God on</em><br><em>earth, is present to give attention and answers. This study aims to review the</em><br><em>church's pastoral efforts in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in empowering</em><br><em>congregations, especially in the economic field. Christianity believes in the concept</em><br><em>of an integral mission of complete salvation. The church exists to contribute to the</em><br><em>welfare of the people. Prosperous in all aspects, both spiritual, mental, social and</em><br><em>physical aspects. The figure of the leader/shepherd becomes the central figure that</em><br><em>determines the success of the empowerment project. The sharpness of the leader in</em><br><em>seeing the natural potential, the potential of the people and the interests of the</em><br><em>people are factors that influence the success of the economic empowerment process</em><br><em>in the local church community</em></p> 2022-06-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 SAGACITY Journal of Theology and Christian Education PENCIPTAAN CAKRAWALA DAN DAMPAKNYA DALAM ILMU PENGETAHUAN DI ERA MILINIAL (Eksegese Kitab Kejadian 1:6-8 dan Mazmur 19:1) 2022-06-23T03:34:18+00:00 Puji Swismanto <p><em>The purpose of this research is to foster insight into the development of knowledge about the work of creation of the Charawala in which the side of life that has a major influence on human life has been found, which so far needs to be understood by the quantitative description research method by executing the book of Genesis 1:6-8 and Psalm 19:1 as objects. research.There are many divine mysteries that exist in the early life that need to be recognized so that Christians realize the good impact in life that is on the horizon that has been prepared by the Holy Spirit, which can meet the basic needs of life in the millennial era with the development of Science.The results of the research have a good impact on human life in the millennial era and it is also necessary to have the movement of evil spirits in the air that affects the joints of life like the millennial generation</em></p> 2022-06-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 SAGACITY Journal of Theology and Christian Education MAKNA KEBENARAN ALLAH DALAM KITAB ROMA 2022-06-23T01:36:52+00:00 Theodorus Miraji Hery Susanto <p><strong><em>Abstract</em></strong><em>: God's righteousness is God authority that given to human as a gift. Human could not find it by himself within or in the world because they have fallen into sin. God righteousness is universal and independent, means not depending on human condition, but fully on God sovereign.Jesus Christ has become the center of God revelation. In which all who believe in Him will put to right and will be saved. The consequence from trusting Jesus will make repentance, that cause someone leave their past life and become new creation (in quality). It because that the righteousness has forensic character and pass through whole life of a person.</em><em> Righteousness will be brighter if a person who has received Jesus, willing to spread the Gospel to new people. Believers are not living with fear to the Law as in Old Testament, but live in grace that full of joy that will eliminate fear.</em><em> Paul's Theology about God righteousness put human into the same position before God, no one is more special than others, all sins before God. Even though in Old Testament there was privilege to Abraham descendants, but it won’t make Jews the most special one. Jesus sacrifice has destruct boundaries and reconstruct new living. The past (privilege) will have no effect</em></p> <p><strong><em>Keywords</em></strong><em>: Righteousness, Rome, Paul</em></p> 2022-06-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 SAGACITY Journal of Theology and Christian Education PENGARUH PENDIDIKAN DAN TEKNOLOGI DALAM PERUBAHAN SIKAP HIDUP MANUSI 2022-06-23T03:33:23+00:00 Drie S.Brotosudarmo <p><em>Pendidikan dan pengajaran sangat berpengaruh pada perubahan hidup seseorang. Perubahan meliputi seluruh kepribadiannya, sehingga menyangkut sikap dan pola hidupnya. Perubahan yang dimaksud adalah positif, sehingga terbentuklah manusia yang berdimensi keindividualan, kesosialan, kesusilaan dan keberagaman secara terpadu dan tak terpisahkan. Demikian juga teknologi termasuk sains dalam perkembangannya ikut serta berkontribusi dalam perubahan sikap hidup manusia. Namun demikian, yang harus diperhatikan adalah: teknologi yang diciptakan manusia harus terarah kepada pelayanan terhadap manusia dan jangan sampai menguasai manusia atau sebagai tuan. Sesuai dengan apa yang ditulis dalam Amsal 1:7a "Takut akan Tuhan adalah permulaan pengetahuan, …" sebagai kontrol atas ilmu dan iman, iman dan ilmu. Itu berarti ada hubungan timbal balik atau nisbah antara keduanya, yakni iman dan ilmu (termasuk teknologi).</em></p> 2022-06-27T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 SAGACITY Journal of Theology and Christian Education