The article written in 1 column format. Introduction is written after keywords in Times New Roman fonts, size 12, double space at A4 paper, left 4cm, right 3cm, top 4cm, and bottom 3cm. Introduction will describe systematically, general background, conseptual analysis, theory and research results from relevant resources and updated. At the end of the introduction should explain the aim or purposes of the article writing clearly.



In this section should explain about the analysis method in resolving thesis, such as: qualitative, quantitative, literature study, hermeneutics, or any other relevant method according to the topic that being researched. The methods should be described in details including the research steps (data collecting prosedures, data analysis methods).



In this section will be declared about the research, analysing data and the results. Describe the research instruments and thesis that found in the research supported by relevant datas. It should answering the questions and research hypothesis in introduction. Comparing, dialoguing, contradicting opinions, perspectives from different angles that available from previous research will be helpful to enrich new opinion or paradigms. If in this section need sub section and more explanation, so the subsection title should use capital letter for the first word, except for conjuction.



Conclusion describes the answers for the hypothesis and research purposes as mentioned at Introduction. Conclusion is not a repetition of the explanation and result, yet a summary of thesis that had been found and expected in hypothesis. Suggestion proposed to the next research if it is needed or possible to developed.  This section is the summary of the research and should have benefit to the scientific and practices exploration and development.



All resources that has been quoted inside articles should be listed in bbliographs. It should exhibited all of primary and secondary references inside. Resource from Journals required minimum 60% from the whole resources are recommended.Written literatures or printed books from the last 10 years are recommended to keep it updates and qualified. Each articles, at least has 10 bibliographs as references.

Literature Resource format is using reference management such as Mendeley, Zotero, etc. Writing Format  for SAGACITY : Journal of Theology and Christian Education is following  Thurabian 8th edition format.

The journal article writing instructions can be found in the Journal Template.